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  Nancy:Have a nice weekend!


  Jerry:Thanks. You too!


  Nancy:Do you have any plans?


  Jerry:Well, my family's away and I can't afford to do much. What about you?


  Nancy:Oh, I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.



  John:Have you had a good time these past few days?


  Lily:Yes. Kunming is really a beautiful place.


  John:Thank you. You're welcome here anytime you want.


  Lily:I'm afraid I've been a bother these past few days.


  John:Don't mention it. You know, we're old friends.


  Lily:Well. Please come to Beijing if you have time, and let me do the honors.


  John:Okay. Have a safe trip.



  A: Excuse me, Where am I on this map?

  B: We are here, bus station, we are in the heart of the city.

  A: Oh ! I think I’m lost. Can I go from here to the railway station?

  B: Head straight up the street about two blocks then turn left.





  A: Excuse me. I’m afraid I got lost. Can you show me the way to the station?

  B: I’m walking that way. Let me lead you the way.



  A: Excuse me. I wonder if you could help me. I’m looking for the Museum.

  B: Boy, you are lost. It’s across town.

  A: Oh ! What bad luck ! How can I get to the Museum?

  B: You can take a No. 24 bus here and then transfer to a No.53 bus to get there.






  乘客A:Excuse me, is this seat taken?


  乘客B:No, I don't think so.


  乘客A:Thanks,I am waiting for the train at 9 o’clock to Shanghai.Where will you go?


  乘客B:What a coincidence! we are the same train.


  乘客A:Really? What is your seat number?


  乘客B:No.5 on the second row. And you?


  乘客A:I am on the third row, No.10.


  乘客B:Could you please keep an eye on my luggage? I want to go to the washroom.


  乘客A:No problem.


  乘客B:Thank you so much.





  T: Okay, Kelly, if you were me, would you take your date to a violent action flick or a romantic movie?

  T:好吧,凯利,如果你是我的话,你约会时会去看暴力的动作片还是浪漫温情的电 影?

  K: A romance, of course.


  T: Well, there might be some scientific basis for why romantic movies make for good dates. In one study,participants were asked to watch a romantic movie and a violent movie, and watching the romance stimulated the viewers, “implicit affiliation motives.”

  T:嗯,浪漫的电影对约会起了良好作用,这是有科学依据的。在一次调查中,参与 者被要求看一个浪漫电影和一个暴力动作片,结果表明观看浪漫电影刺激了观看 者"含蓄的亲和力动机”。

  K: What are those?


  T: Their unconscious desire for close friendships. Plus, in men, watching the romance decreased their power motives, or their unconscious desire for dominance.

  T:他们潜意识中对亲密友谊的欲求。此外,观看浪漫电影还削减了男性的权利欲和 他们潜意识中的支配欲。

  K: I'll bet the opposite was true for the violent movie.


  T: That's the neat part. Changes in implicit affiliation and power motives are associated with changes in hormone levels. For example, the viewers who watched the romantic movie experienced a temporary increase in progesterone levels.

  T:差不多是这样。亲和力和权利欲的改变与体内荷尔蒙的改变也有着密切的关系。 例如,观看浪漫电影的人会经历短暂的黄体酮的上升。

  K: Um., .It's so complicated.


  T: Yes, but with the violent movie, things were more complicated. So as far as the ideal date movie goes, until you check out your partner's video collection, it's probably safest just to go with a romance.

  T:对啊,但是对于观看暴力动作片而言,情况更为复杂。所以呢,根据这个理想约 会电影的原则,在你弄清楚你的约会对象都收藏什么类型的电影前,去看一场浪 漫电影才是最保险的。

  K: Do you have any good romances to recommend?


  T: Have you ever watched Love Actually? It is a romantic and warm movie.

  T:你看过 < 真爱至上> 没有?这是个浪漫温情的电影。

  K: Yes, I've watched it before and I like it very much too. The screenplay delves into different aspects of love as shown through ten separate stories involving a wide variety of individuals, many of whom are shown to be interlinked as their tales progress.

  K:嗯,我原来看过这个电影,也非常喜欢。它通过10个独立的故事向我们展示了 爱的不同层面,这些故事涉及到形形色色的人,随着故事情节的发展,你会发现 这些人又相互联系。

  T: Yes, and the ensemble cast is composed predominantly of British actors. Which part is your favourite?


  K: I like all of those stories and the one that impressed me most is the part of Juliet and Mark performed by Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln.


  T: I love that part too. However, my favorite one is the story about the couple named Harry and Karen. You know, I am a big fan of Emma Thompson.

  T:我也喜欢那个故事。不过,我最喜欢的还是那对叫哈利和凯伦的夫泊的故事。你 知道,我可是爱玛汤普森的影迷。

  K: I felt heart-broken when I saw that part. She was an excellent actress.


  T: I agree with you. As an Oscar winner for best actress, her performance is so natural that you can't say that she is acting.

  T:我同意你的说法。作为奧斯卡最佳女主角奖的得主,她的表演真是天衣无缝,你 完全都看不出来她是在表演。

  K: She is so talented that she can play all kinds of roles. Have you ever seen Nanny Mcphee? Thompson's appearance in that movie is very funny.

  K:她很有天赋,无论表演起什么角色来都游刃有余。你看过 < 魔法保姆麦克菲> 吗? 汤普森在里面的扮相真的很搞笑。

  T: Of course. But still I think it is not as fun as that in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. She acts as Professor Sybil Trelawney, do you remember?

  T:当然看过啦。但是我还是觉得她在《哈利波特与阿兹卡班的囚徒》里的扮相更加 滑稽。她在里面演的是西比尔特里劳尼教授,你还记得吗?

  K: I think so. Is she the one who is constantly being looked down upon by Professor McGonagall, but showed her ability by making the prediction about the escape of Peter Pettigrew?

  K:也许吧。是不是那个老被麦格教授看扁的人啊?但是她成功预言了彼得佩迪鲁 的逃跑。

  T: Right!

  T: 对啦!

  K: How about Thompson's life, Is she married?


  T: Yes. After divorcing with Branagh in, I guess it's, 1994, Thompson is now married to actor Greg Wise, who had played Willoughby in Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility. They have one daughter, Gaia, born in 1999.

  T:结了。1994年和莱纳格离婚后,她又和演员格雷格怀斯结了婚,就是在 <理智 与情感>里扮演威勒比的那个演员。他们有一个孩子,名叫盖亚,出生于1999年。

  K: I see. You're really a great fan of Thompson!



  J: Hey, Kate, what are you watching?


  K: Oh, it's Yang Lan's interview of Deng Yaping. Deng is the top-notch athlete in my mind. Do you like her?


  J: Yes. Deng is remembered by the world for her outstanding performance in the playing table tennis in so many important matches, especially in the Olympic Games.

  J:喜欢。她在众多重要赛事,尤其是奧运会中都表现得十分精彩,人们都对她印象 深刻。

  K: That's right. She was the champion in the 25th and 26th Olympic Games held in Barcelona in 1992, as well as in Atlanta in 1996.

  K:对。邓亚萍是1992年在巴塞罗那举办的第25届奥运会及1996年在亚特兰大举办 的第26届奧运会的连续两届世界冠军。

  J: You are really a die-hard fan of her! It seems to me that she have altogether won 18 world championship, only second to Wang Nan and Zhang Yining. Is that right?

  J:你真是她的铁杆粉丝!我记得她好像总共夺得了 18个世界冠军,仅次子王楠和 张怡宁,对吗? .

  K: Yeah. But I set her as my idol not only because of her excellence in the sports field, but also outside the stadium. Do you know the reason?

  K:的确如此。但是我把她当成我的偶像,不仅是因为她在体育领域的成就,而且也 是因为她在运动场外所作出的成绩。你知道我指的是什么吗?

  J: Let me see, you must refer to the fact that she acts as the Deputy Director of Olympic Village Department of Beijing Organizing Committee of Olympic Games. Am I correct?


  K: Partly. Besides this, she is also the Spokeswoman of Olympic (Paralympics) Village Department.


  J: Really! I didn't know that! She is fabulous!


  K: Of course. But do you have any idea about how she made these achievements?


  K:当然了。那你知道她是怎么取得这些成 就的吗?

  J: Now you do arouse my curiosity. You will elaborate the story for me, won't you?

  J:现在你把我的好奋心都激发起来了。结 我仔细讲讲她的故事好吗?

  K: Sure. I'd like to do that. After she retired in 1997 and entered Tsinghua University, Deng was just a green hand in learning English. She could not even write all the 26 letters at first. But at that time, Deng has already been nominated by president Samaranch as the member of the International Olympic Committee Athletes Commission.

  K:设问题,我十分乐意。邓亚萍1997年 退役进入清华大学学习时,她在英语学 习方面还仅仅是个新手,一开始甚至不 能写全26个英文字母。但当时她已经被国际奧委会萨马兰奋主席提名为国际奧 委会运动委员会的委员了。

  J: Whoa, that must be hard, as far as I know, the official languages in the Committee are English and French...

  J:哇,那她学习的难度肯定不小。据我所知,国际奥委会的工作语言是英语和法 语?

  K: Indeed, it is unimaginable for an English rookie to accomplish her duty in such working environment. But where there is a will, there is a way. After back-breaking work, she managed to get her bachelor's degree.

  K:正是这样。对于一个英语学习刚刚入门的学生来说,在这样的工作环境里要完成工作任务是难以想象的。但是,有志者,事竟成。在刻苦学习以后,邓亚萍顺利 取得了学士学位。

  J: Sounds amazing. That's all?


  K: Of course not. Then she was admitted by the University of Nottingham, a famous university in Britain, to gain a master's degree. She continued to chase her dream.

  K:当然不是了。然后,邓亚萍又被英国著名的诺丁汉大学录取为硕士研究生。她继 续追寻她的梦想。

  J: This lady is charming enough!


  K: You bet it. What amazes me most is her experience in the University of Cambridge, one of the best higher education institutions in the world. She became a doctor there!

  K:设错。最让我惊叹的是她在剑桥这所世界顶级的高等学府里的经历。她在那儿成 为了一名博士!

  J: That's really beyond my imagination. Which major does she study?


  K: I guess it's about economy.


  J: Cool! I guess it can play an indispensable^1 role in her work in the Beijing Organizing Committee of Olympic Games.

  J:太酷了 !我想这些经历在帮助她完成北京奧组委的工作上是不可或缺的吧。

  K: What she has done proves that as long as we have perseverance and determination, a dream-chaser can finally be a dream-catcher.

  K:她所做的证明了一个道理:只姜有毅力和决心,一个追梦人最终会成为一个梦想 实现者。


  L: Do you know the kung fn novelist Louis Cha?

  L:你:知道武侠小说家查良铮吗? .

  J: Oh, you mean Jin Yong. Of course, I've known him since I was in middle school. He is my favorite writer, and I have read all of his 14 most famous novels. What about him?

  J:哦,你是说金庸吧,当然,我上初中的时候就知道他了。他是我最喜欢的作家, 我读过他最著名的14本小说。他怎么了?

  L: When he was 81 years old, he decided to go to study for a master's degree in Cambridge University.


  J: Really? I heard that he had already got an honorary doctoral degree of Cambridge University. Was it still necessary for him to study there at such an old age?


  L: The university also thought it unnecessary, too.


  J: He was very sincere on this. But how did he get into Cambridge?

  J:看来他在这件事情上面十分认真啊。但是他是如何 进入剑桥学习的呢?

  L: Cha owed this opportunity to the president of Cambridge University at that time, Alison Richard English version of one of his famous works The Deer and the Cauldron^.

  L:这多亏了剑桥校长理查德女士。她阅读了金庸的著 作《鹿鼎记》的英译本后,非常喜欢。

  J: What did she do to help him?


  L: As the president of Cambridge Degree Recommendation Committee, Ms. Richard suggested that the university should award Cha an honorary doctoral degree.


  J: Yes. I've already talked about that before. What happened then?


  L: No matter what, Cha applied to study in Cambridge until he could get a doctoral degree. Cha insisted on his request and said that he would like to study for more knowledge rather than simply for a degree.

  L:不管怎样,金庸先生坚决请求入校就读,他表示求学幷非为了学位,而是感到自 己学问不够。

  J: Cambridge must be persuaded by his sincerity and admitted him into the university.


  L: You,re right.


  J: As an old saying goes, it's never too old to learn. How is he doing in Cambridge?


  L: Very good. He got his master's degree two years ago,and now he is pursuing his doctoral degree in Oriental Studies. It will not be long before he succeeds in getting it.


  J: Impressive. He has set a very good example for us Chinese young people, encouraging us to exert ourselves to learn.

  J: 了不起。他为我们年轻人树立了很好的榜样,鼓励我们努力学习。

  L; Yes, I can't agree with you more. Do you know what the most popular way is for people in Cambridge to commute?


  J; What is it? Bike? Why did you mention this?


  L: I want to tell you an anecdote of Cha, When Mr, Cha saw that many students in Cambridge commute by bikes, he wanted to ride bike to school too.

  L:我想跟你讲一件金庸的软事吧。当他看到许多剑桥的学生都骑自行车上学时,他 也想骑车上学。

  J: I’m worried about his safety since he was not young and perhaps had no experience in riding at ail,


  L; His wife worried about him, too, and she wanted to persuade Cha to give up riding, but he won’t listen.


  J: He is stubborn.


  L: Yes. But after some time, he felt that commuting by bike was not really suitable for him, but he felt embarrassed^ to tell his wife that he did not want to ride bike anymore.

  L:是啊。但是过了一段时间,他感觉到骑车对他来说还是不含适,但是又不好意思 跟夫人讲自己不想再骑车上学了。

  J: He was cute. What happened then? How did he commute from then on?


  L: His wife was so smart that she sensed that Mr. Cha did not want to ride bike, and bought him a car at last From then on,he drove to school. Later, he dropped driving and commuted by taxi apain,

  L:他的夬人很聪明,看出来他不想再骑车了,就为他买了一辆车。之后他就开车上 学。过了不久,他又开始坐计程车上学。

  J: That's interesting.


  L: By the way, I'd like to read one of Mr. Cha's kung fu novels. Do you have one?


  J: Yes, here is The Deer and the Cauldron, my favorite one.

  J:有,这是 < 鹿鼎记 >,我最喜欢的一本。

  L: Thank you very much.


  J: You are welcome.






  J: William Wordsworth 's poem is so beautiful that I can scarcely take my eye off it.


  V; His poem is full of emotion,just like The Solitary Reaper. When many poets at his time still wrote about ancient heroes in grandiloquent style, Wordsworth focused on the nature, children, the poor, common people.


  J: Exactly, and he used ordinary words to express bis personal feelings. His definition of poetry is “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings'


  V: A man's interest is influenced by the surroundings. The magnificent landscape of Wordsworth's hometown deeply affected him and gave him a love of nature.

  V: 一个人的兴趣是受到环境的影响的。故乡壮丽的风景深深地打动了华兹华斯,他对自然充满了 爱。

  J: As a writer Wordsworth made his debut in 1787,when he published a sonnet in The European Magazine. In that same year he entered St. John’s College, Cambridge, from where he took his B.A. in 1791.

  J:当华兹华斯1787年在《欧洲杂志》发表了一首 十四行诗时,他的作家生涯就开启了。同年他进 人剑桥大学圣约翰学院学习,并在1791年获得 学士学位。

  V: When he was in Cambridge, he went on a walking tour

  V:华兹华斯还在剑桥念书时,就在1790年的暑假 到爆发大革命的法国和瑞士徒步旅行。

  J: Revolutionary fervor in France made a powerful impact on the young Wordsworth. His French experience was a powerful factor in turning his inbred sympathy to plain common people,

  J:年轻的华兹华斯深受法国革命热潮的影响。华兹华斯生性善良,他在法国的经历 使得他对贫苦大众更加同情。

  V: When Wordsworth’s political ideas and poetic talent were beginning to take shape, he fell passionately in love with a French girl.


  J: Yes. It happened on his second journey in France. Wordsworth had an affair with Annette Vallon by whom he had an illegitimate daughter Anne Caroline.

  J:是的,这发生在他的第二次法国之行。华兹华斯和阿内特瓦隆关系暖眛,并育 有一个私生女安妮卡洛琳。

  V: The affair was basis of one of his poems, but otherwise Wordsworth did his best to hide the affair from posterity.

  V:这段感情是他的一首诗歌的灵感来源,但除此之外,华兹华斯极力向他的后人隐 瞒这一段感情。

  J; After his journeys, Wordsworth spent several aimless and unhappy years until he met Coleridge in 1795.

  J:这段旅程结束后,华兹华斯度过了几年浑浑噩噩、郁郁寡欢的时光,直到他在 1795年遇到柯勒律治。

  V: And Wordsworth^ financial situation became better in 1795 when he received a legacy and was able to settle at Racedown, Dorset, with his sister Dorothy.

  V:同样是在1795年,华兹华斯继承了一笔遗产,经济状况得到了好转。他和妹妹 多萝西可以定居在多塞特郡的雷斯唐农庄。

  J: Encouraged by Coleridge and stimulated by the close contact with nature, Wordsworth composed his masterwork, Lyrical Ballads with Coleridge.

  J:和大自然的亲密接触激发了华兹华斯的灵感,在柯勒律治的鼓励下,华玆华斯和 他合写了著名的《抒情歌谣集》。

  V: Lyrical Ballads is an important work in the English Romantic Movement, But the volume had neither the name of Wordsworth nor Coleridge as the author. The second edition, published in 1800,had only Wordsworth listed as the author

  V:《抒情歌瑶集》是英国浪漫主义运动中的一部重要作品。但是这卷诗集并没有署 上华兹华斯和柯勒律治的名字。1800年出版的第二版也只把华兹华斯列为作者。

  J: The winter 1798-99 Wordsworth spent with his sister and Coleridge in Germany. And due to the homesickness, he and his sister moved back to England, settled in Dove Cottage, Grasmere, in the Lake District.

  J: 1798 ~ 1799车的冬天,华兹华斯和他的妹妹以及柯勒律治是在德国度过的。由于思乡心切,他和妹妹回到了英格兰,并定居在格拉斯米尔湖区的销舍。

  V: This time he was accompanied by fellow poet Robert Southey nearby. And Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey came to be known as the “Lake Poets”.

  V:这一次陪伴他的是住在附近的诗人罗伯特骚塞。华兹华斯、柯勒律治和骚塞被 并称为“湖畔诗人一’。

  J: Wordsworth’s path-breaking works were produced between 1797 and 1808. Through this period, many of his poems revolved around themes of death, endurance, separation and grief.

  J:华玆华斯具有开创性的作品写于1797 ~ 1808年。在这段时期内,他的很多诘作 都是围绕着死亡、忍耐、分离和悲痛等主题展开的。

  V: Wordsworth’s Grasmere period ended in 1813 when he moved to Rydal Mount, Ambleside, where he spent the rest of his life.

  V: 1813年,华兹华斯把家搬到安布尔赛德的赖德尔山,并在此度过余生,结束了他 在格拉斯米尔湖区的定居生活。


  M: Lucy, what are you reading?


  L; Childe Hamid 's Pilgrimage, the talented poem of Lord Byron.


  M: You mean Lord George Gordon Byron, the playboy?


  L: Yes,it is him. He did have a lot of love-affairs during his short life. But he is a poet of overflowing brilliance in the first place.

  L:是的,就是他。在其短暂的一生中,他的确有很多风流韵事,但他毕竟是一个才 华横溢的诗人。

  M: Indeed. Byron is a household name. His works, Childe Harold fs Pilgrimage and Don Juan are well-known.

  M:的确是这样。拜伦是个家喻户晓的名字。他的作 品《恰尔德罗德游记》和《唐璜》很有名。

  L: Besides this, there are many romances about him that are well-known even when he was in Harrow.

  L:拜伦的私生活也很引人注目,当他还在哈罗公学 念书时,他的爱情故事就广为人知。

  M: His complicated relationship with women may have been influenced by his childhood experience. At home Byron’s alcoholic governess made sexual advances when he was nine.

  M:他和女性的复杂关系可能是受童年经历的影响,当拜伦只有9岁时,嗜酒成性的女家庭敎师就对 他进行了性侵犯。

  L: And according to some sources,Byron was also seduced by the lord who rented his mansion before he inherited it.

  L: 一些资料表明,他还受到过一个贵族的引诱,后者在拜伦继承房产前曾租住在他家。

  M: At Cambridge, he even aroused alarm with bisexual love affairs.

  M:在剑桥时,拜伦甚至还因双性恋风流韵事引起了 公众的恐慌。

  L: When he was in Cambridge, he wasn't a hardworking student, but he read many books on history, literature and philosophy. And he spent his leisure time on drinking, hunting0, shooting and swimming.

  L:在剑桥念书时,拜伦并不是一个刻苦学习的学生,但他读了很多历史、文学和哲 学等方面的书。而他的闲暇时间则用在喝酒、打猎、射击和游泳上。

  M: Byron’s first two cantos of Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage became blockbusters when they were published.


  L: He became an adored character of London society. He spoke in the House of Lords effectively on liberal themes, and had a hectic relationship with Lady Caroline Lamb.

  L:拜伦成为伦敦社会的宠儿。他在上议院就“自由"这一主题高效地阐述了自己的 观点,还和卡罗琳兰姆夫人有过一段炽热的爱情。

  M: But Byron married Anne Isabella MiLbanke in 1815, and their daughter Ada was born in the same year. The marriage was unhappy, and they obtained legal separation next year.

  M:但是拜伦在1815年和安妮伊莎贝拉米尔班克结婚。同年,他们的女儿艾达出生。 不过这段婚姻并不幸福,在第二年,他们就分居了。

  L: When the minors of his incest with his half-sister, Augusta and accumulating debts started to rise, Byron left England in 1816, never to return.

  L:当关于他和同父异母的姐姐奥古斯塔乱伦以及债务不断攀升的谣言开始广泛传播 后,拜伦于1816年离开了英格兰,就再也没有回来了。

  M: “The only virtue they honor in England is hypocrisy," he once wrote a friend.


  L: Byron settled in Geneva with Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley and Claire Clairmont, who became his mistress. There he wrote the two cantos of Childe Harold and The Prisoner of Chillon.

  L:拜伦和珀西比希雪莱、玛丽?雪莱以及其情妇克莱尔克莱蒙特一起定居在日内 瓦。在那里他创作了《恰尔德哈罗德游记》的另外两个章节和 < 锡隆的囚徒>。

  M: At the end of the summer Byron decided to continue his travels, spending two years in Italy. While staying in Venice Byron proudly claimed he had different woman on 200 consecutive evenings.

  M:夏末,拜伦决定继续他的旅行,花两年时间去游历意大利。待在威尼斯时,拜伦 骄慠地宣布连续200个晚上都有不同的女人和他共度良宵。

  L: During the years in Italy, Byron wrote The Lament of Tasso and started Don Juan, his satiric masterpiece.

  L:在游历意大利的年月里,拜伦撰写了 <塔克的哀歌>,并开始创作讽刺诗代表作《唐 璃》。

  M: After a long creative period, Byron had come to feel that action was more important than poetry. He armed a brig, the Hercules, and sailed to Greece to aid the Greeks, who had risen against their Ottoman overlords.

  M:经过长时间的创作后,拜伦发觉行动比诗歌更重要。干是他驾着英国大船‘‘赫拉 克勒斯号"前往希腊,协助希腊人反抗土耳其领主。

  L: However, before he saw any serious military action, Byron contracted a fever from which he died in Missolonghi on 19 April 1824.

  L:然而,在拜伦目睹任何正规的军事活动之前,他就发了高烧,并因此于1824年 4月19日在梅索朗吉昂辞世。

  M: Byron’s body was returned to England but refused by the deans of both Westminster and St Paul’s. Finally Byron's coffin was placed in the family vault at Hucknall Torkard, near Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire.

  M:拜伦的遗体被运回英格兰,但威斯敏斯特敎堂和圣保罗教堂的主教都拒绝把他的 遗体安葬入内。最终拜伦的棺木被安葬在诺丁汉郡纽斯台德修道院附近赫克诺尔 的家族墓穴内。


  M:John Milton is a genius. His masterpieces Paradise Lost、Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes are pearls of world literature.

  M:约翰弥尔顿真是个天才。他的杰作 < 失乐园》、<复乐园》和《力士参孙 > 是世 界文学的明珠。

  L:I cannot agree with you more. The works of today’s poets are not half as brilliant as those of Milton. And he excels in languages studying, too. He can speak and write in Greek, Latin, and Italian.

  L:我非常同意你的观点。现在很多诗人的作品 远不如弥尔顿的精彩。弥尔顿还精通多种语 言。他通晓希腊语、拉丁语和意大利语。

  M:Milton is a life-long student. His schooling started at home before he went to read the works of Homer and Virgil in Greek and Latin at St Paul’s School in London.

  M:弥尔顿终身都在学习。在他到伦敦圣保罗学 校学习希腊语的荷马著作和拉丁语的维吉尔 著作之前,他在家里就开始学习了。

  L: And he entered Christ’s College, Cambridge in 1625 with the intent to become a minister.

  L: 1625年,他抱着要当牧师的念头考人了剑桥大学基督学院。

  M: But Milton did not adjust to university life. He was called, half in scorn, “The Lady of Christ’s”.


  L: While Milton was a hardworking student, he was also argumentative. Only a year later, in 1626, he got suspended after a dispute with his tutor.

  L:虽然弥尔顿是一个刻苦学习的学生,他却喜欢和老师争论。入学后仅一年,也就 是1926年,由于与导师产生了矛盾,他被迫辍学。

  M; During his temporary return to London, Milton attended plays, and began his first forays into poetry.


  L: At his return to Cambridge, Milton was assigned a new tutor. But life at Cambridge was still not easy on Milton; he felt he was disliked by many of his fellow students and he was dissatisfied with the curriculum.

  L:回到剑桥后,校方为弥尔顿重选了 一个新导师。但弥尔顿仍感到在剑桥大学生活 不易。他觉得许多同学都不喜欢他,对课程设置也不满意。

  M: But he did learn a lot in Cambridge. It was at Cambridge that he composed “On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity”,

  M:但是弥尔顿的确在剑桥学到了很多东西。《基督诞生的早晨》这首谙正是他在剑 桥创作的。

  L:You’re quite right. Upon graduation in 1632 with a Master of Arts degree, he retired to the family homes, for years of private study and literary composition.

  L:你说得很对。1632年毕业拿到文学学士学位后,弥尔顿退隐家中,花费数年时 间自学和创作文学。

  M:That’s true. Milton had given up his plan to become a priest. He adopted no profession but spent six years at leisure in his father’s home, writing literary works.

  M:的确如此。弥尔顿放弃了成为牧师的计划。他没有找任何工作,6年来的闲暇时 光都待在父亲的房子里,进行文学创作。

  L:At the same time Milton decided to further his studies in languages including Hebrew. And he travelled many countries in the late 1630s where he immersed himself in their history and culture.

  L:同时弥尔顿决定加强语言学习,包括希伯来语的学习。17世纪30年代晚期,他 去了很多国家旅游,并沉浸于所到国家的历史和文化之中。

  M:He met many prominent learned men during the travelling including Galileo Galilei.


  L:Yes, he also had a long and meaningful conversation with Galileo Galilei. Their conversation was recorded in his celebrated plea for a free speech and free discussion, AREOPAGITICA (On Liberty).

  L:是的。他还和伽利略伽利雷有过一次长时间富有意义的谈话。他们的对话被记 录在弥尔顿著名的呼吁自由演讲和讨论的《论自由》一书中。

  M:And I remember that there are references to Galileo’s telescope in Paradise Lost.


  L:The intense work of translating and writing created much strain on his eyes and by 1652 he was entirely blind and relied on the assistance of other people,

  L:翻译和写作的高强度工作使他的眼睛不堪重负,到了 1652年,他已经完全失明了, 要依赖别人的帮助才能工作。

  M: But it seems that Milton was not unduly grieved by his loss of sight. Instead, blindness helped him to stimulate his verbal richness.

  M:但是弥尔顿对于自己的失明似乎并不怎么伤心。相反,失明有肋于刺激他语言的 表达。

  L: He sacrificed his sight, and then he remembered his first desire, that of being a poet. During the plague years he left London and lived in a cottage in the village of Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire.

  L:弥尔顿虽然失明了,但是他想起了他最初的梦想,那就是成为一名诗人。在伦敦 大瘡疫期间,他离开伦敦,住在了白金汉郡查尔芬特圣贾尔斯村子的一个小屋里。

  M: It was here that Milton prepared for publication Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained.




1、 I:Good morning ,everyone! My name is Lily , I’m honored for this interview .

B: Good morning ,let’s calm down then we ‘ll start our question . Why are you interested in working for our company?

I:Because your operations are global, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of environment.

B: Why did you leave your former company?

I: Because I want to change my working environment, I'd like to find a job which is more challenging.

B: Have you done any work in this field?

I:Yes ,my major is on it .

B: What are your geart strenghs?

I: I'm a hard-working, persistent person.

B: What's you major weak point?

I: I haven't been involved in international business, so I don't have any experience,but I have enough confidence for the challenge!

B: In what specific ways will our company benefit form hiring you?

I: I'm very familiar with this market and have many customers. I think your company will benefit from it.

B:OK, If we hire you ,we’ll give you a call .

I: Ok ,I'll wait for it !

2、 A:Hello ,Kate!

B:Hello.Lily .

A: You look upset ,I heared you have a blind date this morning. How about it ?

B: Nothing could be worse than it .It’ s boring .

A: Oh ,It’s the boy disgusting or what?

B: He is ugly, uneducated and impolite.

A: He must terribly treat you , what does your conclusion come from?

B: He critised my clothing and my hairstyle.He also said I should lose my weight.

A: Oh ,what an annoying boy ,He shouldn't be so impolite .

B: Not only for this ,he is mean and he haven’ t pay the bill yet .

A: Oh, you have a bad luck today , but do not mind ,you ‘ll never meet him again!

B: Be sure of that ,as well as the blind date !

A: Don’t be so discouraged , You fortune will come some day ,and you ‘ll find your Mr Right ! B:I hope so !

A: Oh ,it’s time for me to go for a meet .see you !

B:See you !经典搞笑英语对话

3、 J:Hi, Jack ,it ‘s a loog tiome to see you ,how about you these days?

L:Not bad ,how are you ?

J: Fine ,Could you give me some information about the housing prices in beijing

L:You are asking the right person .My colleague bought a house in beijing last month.

J: Where did he buy his house ?

L:In shijingshan district .

J: How much is it?

L: 20,000yuan per square meter .

J:It’s too expensive .It is beyond my capacity.

L:It’s almost the lowest prices in beijing ,for shijingshan district is in the fifth round in beiing .

J: I heared that the government have taken measures to control the rising housing prices, it’s still so high!

L: Though these measures have a little function ,we can not have enough money to buy a house in beijing !

J: I have to wait for some time for the decrease of the housing .

L: You can buy a house in some smaller city which prices is much lower .

J: But my career is in beijing and I like this city .Thanks for your advice .

L: That ‘s my pleasure !

J:See you later !

L: See you !

4 S:Hello.Mr Smith

T:Hi ,Lily.

S: I wonder if you have time this weekend .

T: Nothing special .What’s up ?

S: This weekend is the spring festival. Would you like to celebrate it with my family together? T: I’d love to .You know I ‘m facinated with Chinese tradition .

S: Yeap . Spring festival is the most important holiday for chinese which every family will be well prepared for it .

T: Just like our Christmas Day.

S:Yes ,but the way of celebratin is different including the food .we’ll sreve you the dumlings . T: That’s great .I like it very much .It’s very delicious.

S: We will also let off fireworks to express our hapiness.

T:Oh it’s wonderful , I think I will have a great time this weekend .what time will we begin ? S: At seven o’clock in our house . I’ll you take you that time .

T:Thanks a lot .Oh, I remember that I have an important date now ,I must go now .See you then ! S: See you !

5.Q: Excuse me

A: yes?

Q: Could you tell me how to get to the bird’s nest ? I’m a stranger here.

A: Sure ,take line 1 subway ,then transfer it at fuxingmen station ,then take line 2 ,and get off at andingmen station .Then you’ll change the bus 407, and stop at aotiximen bus atation ,you’ll see it .

Q: Line 1 ,and line 2 ,then bus 407 . I’m afraid I will forget it soon .

A: Maybe ,but it’s the simplest and shortest way there.

Q: OK, I have got a piece of paper ,I can write the way on it .Could you tell me again ?

A: Sure , take line 1 subway ,then transfer it at fuxingmen station ,then take line 2 ,and get off at andingmen station .Then you’ll change the bus 407, and stop at aotiximen bus atation ,you’ll see it.

Q: How long will it take ?A: About one hour .Q:Thanks a lot .but where is the subway entrance? A: Hmm, go down this street then turn left at the first turning , the logo of the entrance is marked. Q: Oh ,good ,well ,thank you very much .

A: Not at all.




由于文化背景的不同,西方式的笑话幽默与东方式的往往差异较大。对于英语学习者而言,往往不易领会英语笑话的真正含义所在,比如:“I love animals; they are delicious.”这句话只有在英语世界中才有其可笑之处,因为对我们中国人而言,几乎所有的动物皆可使用,这是中国饮食文化的一个方面,因此没什么可大惊小怪的。然而对于西方人而言,动物是人类的亲密伙伴,动物同样有生存权及发展权,因此那位喜爱吃动物的食客才会沦为笑柄。